- somatic DJing for horizontal people 

Concept, performance: Daniela Bershan
Duration/Set up:  100 - 400 min/ audience is in horizontal position
World premiere 27/03/2016 Maerzmusik - The Long Now, Kraftwerk, Berlin (DE)
20/05/2016 Welcome to Caveland! Salon Spangberg, KFDA, Les Brigittines, Brussels (BE)
01/06, 27/06/, 05/09/2016 Performing Arts Forum, St.Erme Outre et Ramecourt (FR)
08/10/2016 Kaaistudios, The Permeable Stage, Brussels (BE)
12/11/2016 Casa di Povo, Sao Paulo (BR)
11/02/2017 Marathon of Intimacy, TLÖN Malmö (SE)
03/04/2017 The Other Thing, MDT Stockholm (SE)
23/06/2017 Inscape Rooms, Swiss Institute of Rome (IT)
25/07/2017 Sensing Salon, Performing Arts Forum (FR)
(more tbc)
Fotos: Berno Odo Polzer, Margot Simmoney, Mikkel Ibsen Soerensen, Marion Tampon La Jarriette

Special thanks to: Valentina Desideri, Berno Odo Polzer, Matt M. Hare, Margot Simmoney and PAF




Cavemusic Is a tool and live process of Baba Electronica seeking a somatic dialogue with the audience. It is a practice of collective intimacy and care. It is a possibility to receive joint imaginations through abstracted Popscapes and make unexpected collective movements and readings possible.