here I keep you updated on what's up and where we can meet soon, hopefully.


Upcoming Dates 2019:

31 May >>> CAVEMUSIC @ Nessuno Milan, (IT)
31 May >>> Baba Electronica @ Nessuno Milan, (IT)
7 June >>> CAVEMUSIC @ Strangelove Festival, Het Bos, Antwerpen (BE)
8 June. >>> Baba Electronica @ Strangelove Festival, Het Bos, Antwerpen (BE)
11-21 July >>> ELSEWHERE & OTHERWISE, Performing Arts Forum, St. Erme (FR)
26/09 - 5/10 >>> AIR @ MDT Stockholm (SE)
2-3 October >>> CAVEMUSIC @ MDT Stockholm (SE)

Image: Daniela Bershan

Image: Daniela Bershan

11-21 JULY
Performing Arts Forum, St. Erme (FR)


E&O 6 is on the horizon and with it a whole new set of angles, lenses, challenges, excitement and experiments to continue the conversation around the erotic and all the modes of knowing powered by collective care.

Once a year we live together, this year we want to begin questioning the obvious, the given-for-granted, automated ways in which we come together and share. Especially we would like to pay attention and insist on the connection between the “what” and the “how”, between the content of our meeting and practices and their concrete conditions of possibility, emergence and maintenance.

More Info here & RSVP here >>>

Image: Strangelove Festival Antwerpen

Image: Strangelove Festival Antwerpen

7th of June 2019, 20:00 - 22:00
Het Bos, Antwerpen, BE

8th of June 2019, 23:00 - 5:00
Het Bos, Antwerpen, BE

Tickets and Info @ Strangelove Festival

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.38.45 AM.png

31st of May, 19:00 - 1:00
Euphorbia ⇔ εὖ eû/ Viale Rimembranze di Greco 10, Milan (IT)

NESSUNO è la forma di auto-finanziamento e auto-sostenibilità di Nobodys Indiscipline- Independent Platform For Sharing Practices in the Performing Arts.

Se durante Nobodys Indiscipline si osservano le persone e il loro stare dentro la pratica, ci piaceva l’idea che Nessuno potesse essere uno spazio di libertà, in cui poter rielaborare e riformulare, ciascuno attraverso il proprio desiderio, una proposta artistica, e quindi un formato spettacolare. NESSUNO vuole essere un modo per ri-incontrarci, raccontare, visibilizzare, generare prossimità, contatto, relazione, attraverso l'arte performativa e le sue s/conosciute e im/possibili declinazioni.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.44.31 AM.png

24 May on iTunes and Spotify

Very proud of this RMX I did for LUNE.

Listen, support and share the love.

Don’t Speak - Remixes out! 🐅🐾😝🐾🐅
With remixes by DJ Clea Mr. Tophat Baba Electronica Yoann Durant bringing the song into their own world ❤

Artwork: Sepidar Hosseini

16th of February 2019, 10:00 PM - 04:00 AM
Human Resources, Los Angeles, US

This year, in the midst of all the bullshit and brutality that engulfs us, I still decided that I needed to dance more in order to shake the madness, and I've been really good at realizing this resolution! So inspired that I decided to organize one last P A R T Y at our beloved Human Resources Los Angeles as part of their grand finale! 
With tunes by amazing djs Baba ElectronicaTyler Matthew Oyer and Toni and bargain prices!!

FEB 16
10pm - 4am
Door: $5-10 sliding scale

Come dance those bones! A RAVE Is A Rave is a rave!!

Clara López Menéndez

9th of February 2019, 19:30 - 22:00
Forum Alte Post, Pirmasens, DE

Mit „Cavemusic – somatic DJing for horizontal people“ von Daniela Bershan aka Baba Electronica steht am 9. Februar 2019 um 19.30 Uhr eine ganz besondere Live-Pop-Performance auf dem Programm im Forum ALTE POST: Das Publikum liegt gemäß den drei CAVEMUSIC-Grundregeln „be horizontal – be comfortable – be still“ auf Matratzen und konzentriert sich auf kollektive Affekte, Emotionen und Intimität, unterstützt durch im Raum installierte Gerüche und Lichter. Während Baba Electronica Live-Pop-Szenen mit den grundlegenden Werkzeugen des DJing abstrahiert, entfaltet sich die verlangsamte emotionale Anziehungskraft des Pop und stimuliert den kollektiven sozialen Körper eines Raums voller Fremder.

Eintritt: 5 EUR

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.34.15 PM.png

1st of December, 23:00 - 3:00
MDT Stockholm, SE

MDT end the year indulgence-style. This has become a yearly thing we do. A four day festival. Based on replays of perfor- mances that we don’t want you to miss. Sparkled with extra glitter. We do it also this year. This is a chance for you to catch up, experience something new, enjoy your favourite once more. A Fine Selection. Confirmed.

This time we replay Sorry by BamBam Frost, Stina Nyberg’s Thunderstruck, Ofelia Jarl Ortega’s Shredder, and DEAD by Beauty and the Beast (Amanda Apetrea
& Halla Ólafsdóttir). We have added guest performances by two new art- ists for MDT: nasa4nasa with Suash and Sonja Jokiniemi’s Blab. Plus the perfor- mance installation Statolit by Adele Essle Zeiss. And top it off with Åpninger, Maria W Horn, and Baba Electronica.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.24.51 PM.png

16th of November, 20:00 - 23:00
Saliva, CentroCentro, Madrid, ES

"CAVEMUSIC" es una práctica desarrollada para explorar la intimidad colectiva. Está conectada con prácticas no sexuales de cuidado colectivo o lovework que son profundamente políticas y recurrentes en el trabajo de Daniela, quien canaliza a su alter ego DJ BABA ELECTRONICA como ingeniera y cuidadora, alguien que maneja con cuidado las emociones, máquinas, cuerpos, economías y ecologías que le han sido confiadas.
La DJ, la mezcladora, la investigadora, la trabajadora del amor diseccionan coreografías y partituras para hacer tangible su manera de operar y posibilitar la organización de relaciones de otro modo.

Performance: Daniela Bershan a.k.a. DJ Baba Electronica
Comisarias: Ainhoa Hernández y Andrea Rodrigo

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 10.04.06 PM.png

20th of October, 23:00 - 08:00
TEMPO FESTIVAL, EAV Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, BR

Cavemusic é uma performance musical conduzida e realizada ao vivo por Baba Electronica – alterego de Daniela Bershan (Alemanha) – em busca de um diálogo somático com o público e de um exercício de intimidade e afeto coletivos. Como em outras de suas obras, ela aqui se vale da prática da DJ como ferramenta para investigar e trabalhar a coletividade. Nesse sentido, a discotecagem é um compromisso de entender como a informação é transmitida e como o poder opera por meio de corpos o tempo todo. A pista de dança é uma forma de observar e compreender os corpos em movimento, em transição, em constante trânsito entre gêneros, expressões e formas. Sampleando e sendo sampleada, ela disseca coreografias e partituras sonoras para, assim, tornar tangível o modo como elas operam. A realização do Cavemusic é fruto de uma parceria do TEMPO_FESTIVAL com o GOETHE-Institut Rio de Janeiro. More Info and RSVP here >>

Elsewhere & Otherwise V poster.jpg

13-22 July 2018 Performing Arts Forum, St.Erme Outre et Ramecourt, FR


Once a year we live together. For its 5th edition ELSEWHERE & OTHERWISE wants to continue to host and nourish the ongoing study and collective sharing around the erotic, poetry, rituals, healing art and activism, that has been growing over the years.

In the past years several conversations and practices raised questions on ways of dealing with trauma and overwhelm. This year we would like to foreground a collective study, questioning and exploration of those complex notions, in their personal as well as systemic dimensions.

Polyvagal Theory questions the parameters that we use to define safety in educational, religious, political and medical institutions. Instead of a structural model of external states, it understands safety as a capacity for visceral sensibility. In this frame, our autonomous physiological states - our deepest feelings and literally our guts - constantly mediate our relationship to ourselves and others. Whenever we feel unsafe, the subtleties of that sensibility becomes less available to us, and the damaging effects of this disconnection are omnipresent, although not evenly distributed across society. Can we develop a readership of our viscera? Is it possible to develop a visceral sensibility to the state of another or others? What are the tools at our disposal? And what are the political implications and speculations that this definition opens up?

These and other questions will be discussed, felt and meditated upon during a daily general meeting with introductions of participants that have experiences and practices to share in these fields. This year we will circulate and study Polyvagal Theory, TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises), fascia work, lovework and other methods of non-sexual intimacy, brainspotting and blind-spotting, deep listening practices, a fisting workshop, plant intelligence, different philosophical and critical perspectives on xenophobia and violence, plus anything else you might want to add for sharing or experimenting with. RSVP here >>>


22. April 2018 Paradiso Amsterdam, NL |  Doors open 10:30 - 16:00, starts at 11:00


Paradiso presents ‘Concerning the Spiritual in Art’, an international symposium exploring visual art and new spirituality. The symposium is inspired by a renewed interest within the arts for ’New Age’ symbols and rituals, and a revival of artists – such as Marina Abramovic, Matthew Barney and Melanie Bonajo - engaging with themes like meditation, healing and self-care. The program includes lectures, performances and a film programme.

This symposium reflects on how the current popularity of spiritual themes connects to recent developments within society. Is this revival a new sort of activism in a battle against callousness, loneliness and meaninglessness? Or, is this movement a fashionable form of identity politics? Is it related to an increase, in Western Europe, of maladies like ‘burn-out’? Is the popularity of diet-gurus or brewing Ayuhuasca also a new form of religion? And, is there a link to the so-called post-truth society?

With contributions from: Karen Archey (curator contemporary art, Stedelijk Museum), Carolina Ivanescu (Religious Studies teacher, Universiteit of Amsterdam), Theo Tegelaers (TAAK), Lauryn Youden (visual artist and curator), Ruchama Noorda (visual artist), Daniela Bershan (visual artist), Melanie Bonajo (visual artist) and Pinar & Viola (digital artists).

Moderator is Ann Demeester (director, Museum Frans Hals Museum).
English spoken. 

Concerning the Spiritual in Art is an initiative of Paradiso. With thanks to the Stedelijk Museum and the Goethe Institute.

Info and Tickets available here >>>


27-29 MARCH 2018 CentQuatre Paris (FR), tickets here >>>
18       APRIL 2018 Scene Nationale, Chateau Villon (FR), tickets here >>>

OK, look, have you ever considered that pop might be a machine connecting us to an abstract emotional landscape that surges behind the curtain of perception? This is stupid. It is also the only reasonable explanation. Pop as benevolent demiurge. But what, then, is pop hiding in its recesses? Why is it being so coy, when all we want is to love it?

We all know the tale. Some time in the storied middle of the last century, some bozo hooked a circuit board up to a guitar and a monster was born. Seemingly without warning, there were howling wolves and gyrating hips, heretofore unknown libidinal flows harnessed into a vast archi- tecture for the production of joy. The modern fetish for the current was given cultural flesh, a million cosmonauts went mainlining for the electric sun. After the electric, the electronic, and the digital looming behind it. Things start getting really weird >>>


17 March 13:00 - 17:00, DAS Theater,  Overhoeksplein 2, 1013 KS Amsterdam (NL)

Three teachers of THE MYTHING LINK DAS Theatre Block will each present a 2-3 hour public workshop based in their practices. After these artists have introduced themselves, you can sign up for one of the three workshops; per workshop 15 people can participate. The teachers are:  Tanya Pixie Johnson (South Africa/Canada), Daniela Bershan (Israel/Germany) and Marcelo Evelin (Brazil).

Attendance is free, but there is a limited capacity. So we have a first-come, first-serve policy. Reserve your place with an email to: dastheatre@ahk.nl. You will receive a confirmation when your name is added to the list. 

More info here >>>

Tantão, Ich bin der Fluss/ Eu sou o Rio by Gabraz Sanna und Anne Santos,

Tantão, Ich bin der Fluss/ Eu sou o Rio by Gabraz Sanna und Anne Santos,


23. February 2018 opening at Premarts, Oppelner Str. 34, 10997 Berlin
18:30 - 23:00 Perfomance with Tantao & Jonas Ohlsson, DJ set Baba Electronica

24 February -02 March Exhibition with Tantão, Anne Santos, Gabraz Sanna, 
Jonas Ohlsson and Baba Electronica. Mo-Fri 12:00 - 18:00

02 March Closing,  Live Performance Tantão & Baba Electronica 18:30 - 23:00

Tantão is coming to Berlin. Like Rio de Janeiro, Berlin has also a multicultural past and background, new and old are merging infinitely in a mix of different visions and ways of life. The exhibition ICH BIN DER FLUSS shows how the artist from Rio de Janeiro carries his cultural heritage and ideas to Berlin and presents the artistic results of an ecounter of two metropolis.

Both Tantão and Jonas Ohlsson aka DJ Lonely are deeply beloved and long term collaborators of mine, so I am looking forward to yet another adventure with them. Lots of improv, wildness, music, painting, love, live, fluss come and join us! #lovework

tickets and info for the screening of ICH BIN DER FLUSS at the Berlinale >>> here


15-18 of February 2018
DEN FRIE UDSTILLINGSBYGNING, Oslo Plads 1. DK - 2100 København


Cavemusic - somatic DJing for horizontal people

#djsarelisteners #cavemusic #babaelectronica

CAVEMUSIC – somatic DJing for horizontal people

Cavemusic is somatic DJing for horizontal people. We enter and we are in a loop already. The first rule is *be horizontal*. You lay down. We lay down together. We feel our backs sinking deeper into the ground with every repetition our touchsurfaces maximize. We feel our own presence, the presence of the others in the space and how we are connected. We get comfortable, the second rule is *be comfortable*. We are about to disassemble something together. We are listening to a structure. We are witnessing our bodies listening to a structure that is unfolding live, to ourselves as part of a living structure. A soft voice asking us, telling us that the third and last rule of Cavemusic is *be still*.
It has already started but now it really starts. Has it not always already started? Maybe it started as a background noise that gradually gets louder and after a while it is filling your ears, your head, your entire body?
Then suddenly (or not so suddenly) you realize that what you tried so hard not to notice is all you can hear. You are letting go. We are letting go together.

Tickets and info here 


10 November 2017- 19:00 Manege Reims (FR)

Come and see us once again in France! Kinshasa super power with as always a very special local guest. 

'Kinshasa Electric boasts of a collection of references (from Stromae to Guantanamo Dance and N'Dombolo) that continues to expand in the minds of the audience.' Etcetera 

More >>>


Opening September 9th 16:00 - 20:00, Exhibition open 09.09.2017 - 21.10.2017
CBK Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Anton de Komplein 120, 1102 DR Amsterdam, NL

I made a new work called "united" for the 30th anniversary of the Centrum Beeldende Kunst in Amsterdam Zuidoost. It brings back dear memories of my time in de Bijlmer. The CBK is a super important force in de Bijlmer and has shown much support to many artists - including myself - during many years. Now more than 120 artist have the chance to give some love back to Annet Zondervan and her wonderful team. With many amazing artists/old friends. If you are around be sure to have a look. 

With ao.: Papa Adama, Daniela Bershan, Raquel van Haver, Jan Hoek, Iris Kensmil, Frank Koolen, Judith Leysner and many many more

23rd of June 2017
via Ludovisi 48, Swiss Institute Rome, IT

with Daniela Bershan, Glass Beads, Wolfgang Georgsdorf, Mario Marazzi, Vincent Stella, Nelly Haliti, Marta Mancini, Simone Pappalardo, Marion Tampon-Lajarriette an many others.

Very excited that CAVEMUSIC will be presented in the beautiful Villa Maraini in Rome from midnight until sunset. Breakfast will be served. More info and RSVP here

23rd June – 1st July 2017
Performing Arts Forum, St.Erme Outre et Ramecourt, FR

Once a year we live together. All bodies are possible and welcome: for the 4th time ELSEWHERE & OTHERWISE makes itself available as an experimental space to practitioners and thinkers who want to take seriously, share and question the erotic capacities of their practice and thinking. The erotic is intended here as the kind of power that circulates amongst bodies and ideas, beneath and against vectors of political oppression and generative of other possible material compositions.

The collective study and care we began around rituals, magic, formalisation, healing, poetry, the erotic and activism has been unfolding and strengthening itself through the years as a form of necessary on-going caremaking. The internet before the internet we invoked in the past edition of E&O, has been established and sustains us - we meet again this year to keep on charging it and ourselves in it. The solidarity we established is not just a grid to fall back onto, or a large “we” of belonging, it is rather an active power we secretly carry inside as we move through the world on our own. There is a lot to be done, we take the current crises as a clue, a departing point for possible and necessary experiments in the ways we organise our lives together and in the ways we go about knowing. Please RSVP via contactpaf@gmail.com.  More info on program and participants here >>>

1st April 11:00 – 2nd April 11:00 2017 Ongoing
MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30, Stockholm, SE

Invited contributors by Siegmar Zacharias are: Valentina Desideri, Daniela Bershan, Ben Woodard, David Roden, Emma Haugh, Pontus Petterson,  Anna Pehrson, Thomas Zamolo, Bettina Knaup, Mårten Spångberg, Amanda Apetrea and Halla Ólafsdóttir.

The Other Thing invites you to immerse yourself for 24hrs into artistic research. Siegmar Zacharias is opening her research into a new work with the working title Slime Dynamics* (with Julia Rodriguez, Mirjam Sögner, Sandra Blatterer, Giulia Paolucci, David Eckelmann). (*borrowed from Ben Woodard):

“The Other Thing will gather people from the field of research who have developed their own practices around questions that I am working on (questions of fluidity, the materiality of speech, questions of darkness, the ethics of queering, the workings of the erotic and the affect of the abject and the uncanny – and how they contribute to a social imaginary). It is important to me that this event opens up a whole area of artistic and academic researches and practices, activating an experiencing and thinking together, sensing and observing the differences rather then building a watertight lineage. I have invited local and international practitioners that offer their perspectives and practices as projects in process. They are outstanding artists, philosophers, curators, DJane who are my real phantasmagoric reference points in this new work. What interests me in such a proposal is that it produces and reflects the fact that a work is part of an existing ecology. It opens up the theatre into a field of knowledge production and conversation.

There will be listening, watching, thinking, talking, eating, drinking and snoozing together.” 

Foto: Siegmar Zacharias (remixed by Baba Electronica)

Foto: Siegmar Zacharias (remixed by Baba Electronica)

11. February 2017, TLÖNTOPlA: Marathon of Intimacy
21:00 - 5:00 at TLÖN, Malmö, SE
Cavemusic & Bodies In Motion


Tlön and BABA ELECTRONICA presents: A night-long experiment, a tonal meditation transformed into a rhythmic space.
What happens if we redescribe the DJ as a listener and a caretaker? What happens if the same person plays from the beginning to the end?

22.00 CAVEMUSIC: Somatic DJing for Horizontal People (Limited / Closed doors)
00.30-end BODIES IN MOTION (Doors open again)

More Info about pre-sale and tickets here.

20. January 2017 - COULD HAVE BEEN SOME BODY
Popsculpture for Tday


\\\ Today is #Tday \\\

injustice going on for centuries
is impossible to ignore any longer
this crisis is a clue
no power can enclose us
no bridge can be someone elses back

****** #seeyouatthecrossroads ******

#resistance #deeplistening #blues #experimental
#sampleuniverse #Tday #crossroads


08.January 2017 - WE WAKE UP LIKE THIS
Live Recording of BABA ELECTRONICA mix on 1~1~2017 at Performing Arts Forum

in a cococonut flavoured world
with 100+ magical humans
afternoon 1~1~2017

before the collective blues could emerge
we took the best medicine of all:

live recording of afternoon chill set
playing my favourite tracks from 5 decades

~~~have a magical 2017~~~~

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 20.35.36.png

10 December 2016, Festa da Oficina de Imaginacao Politica
14:00 - 16:00 Biennale Sao Paulo (BR) 
21:00 - 5:00, Al Janiah, Rua 13 de Maio, Sao Paulo (BR)

Very exited to play together with Andre Baiano and NoPorn (Liana Padilha & Luca Lauri) at the closing party of the OIP. We will play a short warm up set in the afternoon at the OIP at the Biennale Sao Paulo and then at night at Al Janiah, a cultural and political space run by refugees. More info in Portuguese you find here.

Oficina de Imaginação Política é uma iniciativa que parte do convite de “Incerteza Viva”, 32a Bienal de Arte de São Paulo a Amilcar Packer. Partindo das palavras que dão nome ao projeto – oficina, imaginação e política – e junto a um grupo de colaboradores composto por Rita Natálio, Valentina Desideri, Michelle Mattiuzzi, Diego Ribeiro, Jota Mombaça (Monstra Errátika) e Thiago de Paula, realizam-se sessões de trabalho, apresentações públicas e debates, tradução, prodição e publicação de textos. Durante a 32a Bienal a Oficina, se instalou no pavilhão, reúne pesquisa, produção e aprendizado em um mesmo local, enfatizando o uso desse espaço como um lugar de convívio e elaboração coletiva de ferramentas para intervenção na esfera pública."

12 November 2016, 19:00 - 22:00, Cavemusic
as part of COMO NUVEM workshop icw Thelma Bonavita, 
Casa do Povo, Sao Paulo (BR)

Cavemusic - Somatic DJing for horizontal people/ Música de caverna - DJing somático para pessoas na horizontal.

Parte do workshop "Como NUVEM" convidamos a todos para participar de uma sessão de música somática que a artista visual e DJ alemã Daniela Bershan a.k.a Baba Electronica. Será uma experiência de audição coletiva no sentido de estimular a imaginação política.

A sessão será das 14:00 as 15:00 horas na Casa do Povo no atelier G>E, 1ª andar. Para participar existe apenas três regras: 
_iniciar junto
_ não ter nenhuma interrupção
_deitar numa posição confortável

E depois será aberta uma conversa para os interessados

8 November 2016 Goethe Institute, Sao Paulo
Dreaming the COMO NUVEM/ComoCloud, 20:00
Thelma Bonavita invites Daniela Bershan

9 - 12 November Workshop COMO NUVEM icw Thelma Bonavita
Casa do Povo, 14:00 - 16:30

Thelma Bonavita in conversation with Daniela Bershan about Como Club, FATFORM, remix culture, the digital revolution and the power of listening. This talk forms the basis for thinking and working together on the ComoCloud, a project that will be launched by Thelma Bonavita and Como Club in 2017. We will continue this conversation also by sharing hands on practices in the workshop at Casa do Povo next week. Como Como Come on!

27 October 2016 - 4PLAY (Love = Law) 
New BABA ELECTRONICA Mix on Soundcloud

Dedicated to the power of LOVE

Bell Hooks writes in All about Love - New Visions:

(...) love "as the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own and another's spiritual growth."

When we understand love as the will to nurture our own and another's spiritual growth, it becomes clear that we cannot claim to love if we are hurtful and abusive. Love and abuse cannot coexist. Abuse and neglect are, by definition, the opposites of nurturance and care.

#DJsarelisteners, #femmepower, #buildingbodies, #fearlesslove

08 October 2016, The Permeable Stage, Kaaistudios, Brussels (BE)

The Permeable Stage is a 10-hour long research event, dedicated to investigating the politics of sexuality and its proximal relations to privacy and the public sphere. It attempts to develop an understanding of how sexuality today is everywhere. How it exceeds human bodies – and can also be found in relations to objects, instruments, environments and media technologies.

Theorists, artists, musicians and a cook will occupy the entire building of the Kaaistudios. They examine in-distinctions between private and public space, as well as questions regarding participation, collectivity, equality, pornography, language, and immateriality. By presenting their respective practices, they develop an ongoing discursive and performative situation. You are invited to join the entire day. To listen, to watch, to discuss, and to eat.


  • Claire Bishop

  • Daniela Bershan (aka Baba Electronica)

  • Mette Edvardsen

  • Caroline Godart

  • Anne Juren

  • Gérald Kurdian

  • Eszter Salamon

18 August 2016 - Indigo Dance Festival, 
Performing Arts Forum, St. Erme Outre et Ramecourt (FR)






<<< listen in for 2,5 hours on this epic night

>>> http://indigodancefestival.tumblr.com

13 July 2016  - Festival de Marseille, Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille (FR)


Come and see us once again in France! Marseille super power view with a special set of BABA ELECTRONICA on the beauiful roofterrace of the Friche la Belle de Mai. 

'Kinshasa Electric boasts of a collection of references (from Stromae to Guantanamo Dance and N'Dombolo) that continues to expand in the minds of the audience.' Etcetera 

More >>>

24 June - 1 July 2016 - ELSEWHERE & OTHERWISE III
Performing Arts Forum, St. Erme Outre et Ramecourt, (FR)
co-organized with Valentina Desideri


Amazing beautiful curious magical queer humans > join the eternal game of up & downloading this summer at PAF >>> For the third edition of Elsewhere & Otherwise we decided to continue along the lines set on the last encounter and further the work on rituals, formalisation, the erotic, magic, and social practice. The collective study we begun with E&O has so far invoked a large and varied set of practitioners and thinkers busy with those matters, especially from queer and politically engaged perspectives. This year we decided to step away from the format of one or two invited guests that guide conversations and activities, and we would rather invite each and every one of the participants to share their thoughts, knowledge and practices. More Info >>> FB Event , PAF Website Please RSVP at contactpaf@gmail.com 

11.-14. June at RECONTRES CHOREOGRAPHIQUES, La Parole Errante, PARIS, (FR)
Daniela Bershan & Ula Sickle

OK, look, have you ever considered that pop might be a machine connecting us to an abstract emotional landscape that surges behind the curtain of perception? This is stupid. It is also the only reasonable explanation. Pop as benevolent demiurge. But what, then, is pop hiding in its recesses? Why is it being so coy, when all we want is to love it?

We all know the tale. Some time in the storied middle of the last century, some bozo hooked a circuit board up to a guitar and a monster was born. Seemingly without warning, there were howling wolves and gyrating hips, heretofore unknown libidinal flows harnessed into a vast archi- tecture for the production of joy. The modern fetish for the current was given cultural flesh, a million cosmonauts went mainlining for the electric sun. After the electric, the electronic, and the digital looming behind it. Things start getting really weird...More >>>

cavemusic - 1.jpg

20 May 2016 Salon Spångberg at Les Brigittines, Brussels (BE)


Welcome to Caveland! is a ten-day activity programme in a cave at Les Brigittines, conceived and curated in collaboration with Philippe Quesne.

In connection to the world première of Natten, Mårten Spångberg packs together an evening full of readings, discussions, and reflections on darkness. Different forms of voices, whispers and screams will transform the cave into a space where relaxation, knowledge and eternity coincide.

Hosted by Mårten Spångberg
With interventions by Tristan Garcia, Ben Woodard, Jan Ritsema, Daniela Bershan, Mette Edvardsen, Mårten Spångberg, Michelangelo Miccolis

18/19/20/21 May 2016 - Kunstenfestivaldesarts, KVS, Brussels (BE)
Daniela Bershan & Ula Sickle

OK, look, have you ever considered that pop might be a machine connecting us to an abstract emotional landscape that surges behind the curtain of perception? This is stupid. It is also the only reasonable ex- planation. Pop as benevolent demiurge. But what, then, is pop hiding in its recesses? Why is it being so coy, when all we want is to love it?

We all know the tale. Some time in the storied middle of the last century, some bozo hooked a circuit board up to a guitar and a monster was born. Seemingly without warning, there were howling wolves and gyrating hips, heretofore unknown libidinal flows harnessed into a vast archi- tecture for the production of joy. The modern fetish for the current was given cultural flesh, a million cosmonauts went mainlining for the electric sun. After the electric, the electronic, and the digital looming behind it. Things start getting really weird. Like any good mode of pro- duction, pop automated itself, cruised past our understanding, and soon enough, hey, wait, is that guy on TV crooning a ballad through a robot voice whilst getting into a fistfight with a thou- sand lights? And might he be our greatest living artist?

And yet and yet... something about this story doesn’t sit right. Pop has never just been about production, has never ‘just’ been about anything. Pop is ecstatic, sad, funny and boring, it is mass-cultural and sub- cultural, its inauthenticity is only matched by its sincerity, it manages to be indifferent and totally needy at the same time. Something worries us about it and we wouldn’t know how to live without it. There is something urgent that we haven’t grasped yet.

At this juncture, Extended Play sets its stage and gets to work. The initial operation is simple. We take the abstract dynamics of the pop landscape and localise them onto five – mutable – bodies. The consequences are anything but. Utilising an abundance of materials, research, samples and layers, we stir our strange brew and hope to surprise ourselves. A hand is a drum is a synth is a fader. A voice keens like an electric seagull. Sites of weightlessness exchange. The mixing is happening live. MC Escher 2016!
Most of all, we’ll trust our gut. One thing is certain about pop: you know it when you see it. More >>>

04 May 2016 at P.A.R.T.S, Brussels (BE)
Omega X Dreamz with Baba Electronica

The Loopspace ΩX  is a conceptual sample-space artist Daniela Bershan a.k.a Baba Electronica uses to dream and think future Pop. ΩX is an emotional/psycological/poetical/political space that - mainly through the variations and programming of drumpatterns creates different genres within the Pop-spectrum  - these are manifold but not unlimited. At the same time with the increasing possibilities and quality of studio-production and software the audible amplitutes of tracks within the Loopspace are more and more maxed out. So ΩX is about to burst in (at least) two directions which leaves us with the question of where to go and grow with Pop? 
We will look and listen at some concrete examples from the recent years to recognize the rise and fall of different genres and look at some trends/revolutions in Pop music production and - based on the starting proposition - can think together of how future Pop could sound/look like and function. More >>>.




PERRINE EN MORCEAUX is releasing her new album RIEN on Laetonia records.
And this can and shall be celebrated with 100% Female Power. Come!


20 April 2016 Maerzmusik, The Long Now, Kraftwerk, Berlin (DE)
Somatic DJing for horizonal people

Cavemusic Is a tool and live process of Baba Electronica seeking a somatic dialogue with the audience. It is a practice of collective intimacy and care. It is a possibility to receive joint imaginations through abstracted Popscapes and make unexpected collective movements and readings possible.

World premiere 27/03/2016 Maerzmusik - The Long Now, Kraftwerk, Berlin (DE)
20/05/2016 Welcome to Caveland, Salon Spangberg, Les Brigittines, Brussels (BE)
01/06, 27/06/, 05/09/2016 Performing Arts Forum, St.Erme Outre et Ramecourt (FR)
08/10/2016 Kaaistudios, The Permeable Stage, Brussels (BE)
12/11/2016 Casa di Povo, Sao Paulo (BR)
(more tbc)


16.04.2016 - Kinshasa Electric - Trafo, Budapest (HU)
15.04.2016 - Kinshasa Electric - Trafo, Budapest (HU)

10.03.2016 - Kinshasa Electric - Cultuurcentrum Westrand, Dilbeek (BE)
05.03.2016 - Kinshasa Electric - Stuk, Leuven (BE)
04.03.2016 - Kinshasa Electric - Stuk, Leuven (BE)

27.02.2016 - Kinshasa Electric - KVS Box, Brussels (BE)
26.02.2016 - Kinshasa Electric - KVS Box, Brussels (BE)
25.02.2016 - Kinshasa Electric - KVS Box, Brussels (BE)
24.02.2016 - Kinshasa Electric - KVS Box, Brussels (BE)
20.02.2016 - Kinshasa Electric - Magdalenazaal Brugge (BE)